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Coreana Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Moisture Essential/Skin Care/Intensive Moisturisers

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Moisture Essential/Skin Care/Intensive Moisturisers

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Special Care Moisture Essential Serum

COREANA SPECIAL MOISTURE ESSENTIAL SERUM is not just supplying moisture but, recovering moisturizing capacity of skin itself. It also reinforces skin protection barrier to reduce the loss of skin moisture. In addition, lipopeptide improves resilience of skin. Moreover, excellent penetration will perform instant moisturizing. Namely, this is highly concentrated moisturizing essence.

  • Skin type : Normal skin
  • Capacity : 35ml
  • How to use : After cleaning & toner, take proper amount and apply over the face.

Special Care Moisture Essential Cream

COREANA SPECIAL MOISTURE ESSENTIAL CREAM is not just supplying moisture, but recovering moisturizing capacity of skin itself. It has been formulated with NV/W/O(Nano vesicle/water in oil) system for the excellent penetration of active ingredient. In addition, this special system has constant moisturizing effect by forming double lipid membrane. In addition, baby lipid keeps skin soft like baby by forming soft lipid membrane. Moreover, liposome, made with lecithin, is supplying sufficient nutrition to skin by containing algae extract which is containing amino acid, mineral, micro elements, vitamin etc.

  • Skin type : Normal skin
  • Capacity : 50ml
  • How to use : After cleansing & toner, take proper amount and apply over the face.

Special Care Moisture Essential Ampoule

This is intensive moisturizing treatment which can solve various skin troubles caused by lack of moisture. Nano water, containing abundant mineral, gives moisturizing effect to skin and marine extracts like chlorella, brown algae and so on keep skin vitalized. It keeps skin silky and vitalized with its dewy feeling of use.

  • Skin type : Normal skin
  • Capacity : 5m*10
  • How to use : After toner, take one third of one bottle and apply over the face with gentle tapping.

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